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Reflections on life
30 November 2009

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Colin on Corset
Great photography. Wonderful light and spot on B&W tones

Frédéric on Through the looking glass or down the rabbit hole
Very nice picture ! Intense look, beautiful work. welcome to my website.

Pierre on Flower
pudeur et féminité...superbe

Pierre on Reflections on life
j'adore...cet oiseau ...perdu dans la foret... cette puissance de cette finesse de ce torse... et ...

Thierry Masson on Cemetery, Sainte-Maxime, France
very deep feeling when seeing this shot...

Janos Kummer on Reflections on life
wonderful dof! +++

larry on Cemetery, Sainte-Maxime, France
Oooo... M9! f0.95! Nice equipment. :)

Jojigirl on Grimaud, France
lovely color composition

barbod on Grimaud, France

Céline on Canal, Paris
Great shot, love it !

Céline on Office Space. London
Great shot, really well done, I love these blue/grey tones

Céline on Bikes, Paris
Nice shot, love it, love the DOF

Mindy on Crashed plane, Nelson Ghost town Nevada
Great shot. I want to make it down there soon.

Barbara Manners on Light & Shadow, Paris
Simply effective...nice work!

Curly on China town parade
Good picture from that fabulous lens!

Rags on Doorman. London
It says so much. Very well done.

Marlowe on Doorman. London
Beautiful silhouette, beautiful backlight !

alex centrella on Doorman. London
great catch !

Alex on Doorman. London
Хороший кадр!

elmer on Doorman. London
hello. there's Saul Leiter, in this shot! bravo!

shahrzad on Doorman. London
cooOool shot and perfect timing

Michael Rawluk on Office Space. London
I like those beautiful night-time blue tones.

Self-Indulgence on Total Control. London
These cars are soooo cute! I would not want to be in an accident in one but I used to have a Toyota MR2 years ago ...

Self-Indulgence on Woman in white, London
Love the coloration of this. Is that a result of the weather, the Leica or something you did? It's outstanding.

Sarito on Woman in white, London
Wonderful shot.. nicley processed.

Anna on Rain Forest, Costa Rica
Wonderful work

Fusao on Rain Forest, Costa Rica
Interesting composition and focus. very impressive image of trees.

Michael Rawluk on Flower
That is a beautifully put together shot.

MARIANA on Flower
fantastic compo .

Dimitrios on Flower
pure art, BRAVO****

Curly on Flower
It ought to be good considering the price and quality of that lens :-)

mici on Happy Halloween!
awesome, cute and great

mici on Flower
it gives a whole new meaning to beautiful, great work and shot

Theys on Games
Beautiful composition, good shot!

jeff (aka dogilicious) on Games
Excellent shot. Love the expressions.

BRIAN on Reflections on life
Interesting photo - a bit scary. Like when you are at a family event - and you just want to die...

Curly on Games
Excellent, with a classic aged era of glamour surrounding it.

MARIANA on Games
BRAVO !!! What an image ! What a cool posing :))

jeanclaude on Games
superb bw jveux la meme pour noel

Fusao on Games
beautiful B&W like old cinema. very impressive.

k@ on Games
Excellent ! Classic ! Mood is superb & monochrome has class*

Self-Indulgence on Playful Evening
Great pose and soft lighting though the background, even with a good bokeh might have been a bit better.. like a ...

MARIANA on Playful Evening
Excellent monochrome ! Super light and model of course !

Jaap on Playful Evening
Nice shot.

Angela Smith Photography on Santacon, New York
"I pity the fool" that doesn't love this shot. Ok had to be said :)

Peter on small tree
I thought that I was kind of decent at this but I seethere is alot to learn:) Amazing pictures.

LeftyRodriguez on Santacon, New York
Hahahaha...that's awesome!

heph on Santacon, New York
great shot.

Self-Indulgence on Santacon, New York
Trying to win an X1 but so far my image has not yet come in :(

Self-Indulgence on Santacon, New York
Like a cross between Santa and Mr T. Cool. Debating Leica.. how do you like it?

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